Pattern FutureNed

Battery systems

Our innovative product line is designed to meet your energy needs and promote a sustainable future.

Powerbank FutureNed


Industrial Energy Storage Systems

Discover the power and versatility of our battery containers, your customized and reliable power source. Whether it's delivering high power, storing, or returning energy, our battery systems provide the flexibility and efficiency you need. From events to construction sites, our applications offer the right solution for every challenge.

EV series FutureNed


The fast charger for grid congestion

The increasing demand for green initiatives and electrification of the European automotive fleet puts significant pressure on the already overloaded electrical grid. Continuously reinforcing the grid seems to offer no timely solution. Don't let grid congestion hinder your green plans; acquaint yourself with the PowerBank EV-Series: a fast charger with integrated battery. Explore the numerous benefits of our innovative chargingstation.

CS FutureNed


Tailor-made battery systems

No challenge is too big for us. Our expertise extends to the creation of tailor-made battery systems that seamlessly meet your specific needs. From unique technical requirements to specialized applications, we are ready to make your vision a reality. In addition, our systems make it possible to trade on the energy market.


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