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Industrial Energy Storage Systems


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Industrial Energy Storage Systems

The 'POWERBANK BC-series' is an advanced range of battery energy storage systems from FutureNed. These containerized battery systems are designed to meet the needs of the energy rental market. This series contributes to the creation of 'zero-emission' construction sites, ports, and event areas. It can also be used stationary for peak shaving, storing excess green energy, and temporary grid reinforcement.

This mobile and modular solution includes batteries, inverters, HVAC, fire protection, and real-time monitoring.

The 'POWERBANK BC-series' reduces dependence on the electrical grid. With this advanced battery storage system, users can benefit from independent power supply in locations where there is no direct or close access to the electrical grid. The 'POWERBANK BC-series' is available with a wide range of storage capacities, ranging from 200 kWh to 2000 kWh

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Powerbank BC-series

Available battery systems

Storage capacity: 2 MWh
Power: 1 MW
Storage capacity: 1000 kWh
Power: 500 kW
Storage capacity: 400 kWh
Power: 250 kW
Storage capacity: 200 kWh
Power: 100 kW
Storage capacity: 100 kWh
Power: 60 kW
Storage capacity: 60 kWh
Power: 30 kW

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