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Mobile fast chargers


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Mobile fast chargers

The 'Powerbank EV-Series' is an advanced series of battery energy storage systems from FutureNed, specifically designed for the increasing demand for fast charging of EVs, electric trucks and heavy construction and port equipment.

The 'Powerbank EV-Series' offers both mobile and stationary deployment and can reach charging speeds of up to 320 kW, even without access to the electricity grid, 240 kW can be achieved.

Thanks to the development of this system, FutureNed meets the growing demand for zero-emission construction sites and event sites in the rental market. In addition, it contributes to reducing dependence on the electricity grid.

The available storage capacities of the 'POWERBANK EV-Series' are 558 kWh and 193 kWh.

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Powerbank EV-series

Available battery systems

Storage capacity: 558 kWh
Max loading capacity: 320 kW
Storage capacity: 193 kWh
Max loading capacity: 204 kW

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