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The fast charger for grid congestion

Fast charging of electric vehicles is a crucial aspect of fleet electrification. However, the construction of fast-charginginfrastructure lags behind, mainly due to the limited capacity of the electricity grid. Grid reinforcement is a solution, but it is costly, time-consuming, and not always the most suitable choice. Shaving off charging peaks offers a good alternative, where grid reinforcement might become entirely unnecessary.

In the world of electrification, innovation isessential. What if we are now able to spread the charging peaks? A fully automated process where not only the grid load is reduced, but also your own use of green energy is optimized. Moreover, the required grid connection is up to five times smaller than that of a regular fast charging station. 

The 'Powerbank EV-Series' turns every three-phase power connection into a fast charging point, offering both stationary and mobile capabilities, with charging speeds up to 320 kW. Even without direct access to the electricity grid, reaching charging speed up to 240 kW.

The available storage capacities for the EV-series are 558 kWh and 193 kWh, respectively.

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Powerbank EV-series

Available battery systems

Storage capacity: 558 kWh
Max loading capacity: 320 kW
Storage capacity: 193 kWh
Max loading capacity: 204 kW

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