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Sinexcel charging stations

Sinexcel charging stations

Charging stations for EVs and heavy equipment

Sinexcel is an expert in providing and developing charging solutions. With a global sales of 21,000 charging stations and 400,000 charging modules in over 50 countries, Sinexcel is a major player in the market. Sinexcel responds to the flexibility of the energy transition by developing charging stations with a unique scalable power. The power of the delivered stations ranges from 40 to 480kW. Smaller commercial charging stations are available upon request.

Sinexcel charging stations

SEC 40-80kW integrated charging station

The Sinexcel SEC 80kW charger features 2 CCS2 DC charging connectors with a maximum power of 80kW at 1000V. To provide more flexibility, this charging station has a Type 2 connector supporting 22kW AC. This versatile system meets diverse charging needs of electric vehicles, making it suitable for various charging scenarios.

Sinexcel charging stations

SEC 60-160kW integrated charging station

The Sinexcel SEC 60kW charger features 2 CCS2 DC charging connectors with a maximum power of 160kW at 1000V. The reliable system offers flexible setup between 60 and 160kW in 20kW increments. Moreover, the wide range of powers can easily be expanded at a later stage, allowing the system to grow with the needs of your fleet.

Sinexcel charging stations

SEC 200-240kW integrated charging station

The SEC 240kW charger is equipped with 2 CCS2 DC charging connectors supporting a maximum power of 240kW at 1000V. The power is flexibly distributed across both connectors, simultaneously controlled by intelligent software.

Sinexcel charging stations

SEC 360-480kW integrated charging station

Sinexcel's flexible distributed chargers are designed to deliver very high powers without compromising available space in your parking lot. A separate conversion station with streamlined charging terminals provides the ideal solution for this. Need additional charging points? Install up to 6 charging points on one conversion station.


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