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A solution for you

Reduce your costs, maintenance and labor hours with our various sustainable applications.

A solution for you

Whether it concerns energy storage, trading on the energy market, fast-charging of vehicles or optimizing your business processes, together we realize your sustainable goals.

Battery containers and the associated technology is the key to a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective future. We believe that the power of our battery systems can boost various industries when it comes to electrification. Our applications are designed to reduce your costs, minimize maintenance and keep your business process running unhindered.

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Energy storage

Sustainability begins with the use of green energy; however, its production is not constant. Our energy storage systems ensure that you can store the excess green energy and use it at times for times when you truly need it. This way, you maximize sustainability, regardless of the intermittent nature of green energy sources.

Trading on the energy market

Maximize the return on your investment with our smart trading solution. Deliver the most expensive hours back to the grid and charge during the cheapest hours. Our battery systems can be connected to a.o. the Day-Ahead market, this way you use the dynamics of the energy market and strengthen your financial position.

Fast charging

Where a suitable grid connection is scarce, our fast-charging systems offer a solution. Charge electric vehicles and heavy construction equipment at lightning speed, wherever you are. Sustainability and mobility go hand in hand with these efficient solutions.

Construction connection

Realize an emission-free construction site. On construction sites with limited grid connections, productivity often lags behind, our battery system provides the solution. Optimize performance without relying on polluting diesel generators. Choose for a green construction site now!

Hybrid setup

Reduce running hours and diesel consumption by smartly linking our batteries to conventional generators. With our hybrid setup you are more efficient, environmentally friendly and reduce your operational costs. The ideal solution for when the absence of a generator is impossible.

Grid reinforcement

Facing grid congestion? We help you to optimize your business processes, even in areas with limited grid capacity. Ideal for large distribution centers and companies that want to increase their production capacity.

Peak shaving

Keep running at full capacity during peak loads. Smooth out the peaks and fill in the valleys with our battery systems while saving on the capacity fee at the same time.


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